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Does your home suffer from rising or penetrating damp?  Are your energy bills high because the house is losing so much heat through cold walls? Is damp causing plaster or wallpaper to peel and flake? Is the atmosphere inside your home unhealthily and uncomfortably cold and damp? Are your external walls discoloured with dirt, moss, algal growth and other pollutants?

Many UK homeowners experience these problems caused by damp walls – even in properties with modern cavity walls.  Are you struggling to find a reliable, effective, and affordable solution?

Preserve the appearance of your walls, eliminate re-growth of moss, protect from penetrating damp, dry out your home, and save money by making your building more energy efficient for 20 years+ with our professional wall treatments. We are approved applicators of the most advanced and cost-effective external wallcoatings on the market. This excellent technology from Europe is independently tested and proven to offer effective and lasting protection against rising damp and penetrating damp.

Our professional coatings are the smart solution to cold and damp walls. Internal insulation can take up valuable space and be disruptive. External insulation can be costly and change the aesthetics of your property. Other coatings may seem cheaper but are less effective, don’t last as long, and don’t benefit from the reduced VAT rate granted to our products by HMRC in recognition of their energy saving effects.

Our professionally applied wallcoatings reduce the level of moisture in your walls so that less heat is lost through them. You can be confident that a secoTHERM, secoFLEX or secoMUR installation at your property will give your premises the best, most long lasting and most energy-efficient protection available.

We are experienced in working with homeowners to improve their homes. We provide advice at any stage of your project. And as approved installers, we are able to offer a manufacturer’s 10 or 20 year guarantee for every project undertaken.

Waterproofing for external walls

Waterproof Your Walls

All of our wall coatings are 100% waterproof. But because they are fully microporous your walls can still “breathe”. That means moisture does not build up inside the property.

Lower Thermal Conductivity

Lower Thermal Conductivity

Our advanced wallcoating products make your property more energy efficient by keeping it dry and waterproof. Properly applied, these coatings will last for many years.

Reduce building heat loss

Reduce Building Heat Loss

Damp walls transmit heat more than damp ones. Just 5% moisture content in your walls will lower the insulation performance of your property by up to 50%. By keeping your walls dry, our products reduce building heat loss so you save on energy bills.


Coloured Waterproofing for Walls. SecoFLEX is a unique waterproof, coloured masonry coating. Covers cracks and blemishes. Elastomeric, so will NOT peel or flake.


Professional Masonry Paint. secoTHERM is a transparent coating that protects masonry, brick and stone from penetrating damp. It reduces heat loss by up to 30%


The ultimate injection damp proof course. A professional SecoMUR DPC installation will protect against rising damp and help to dry out your property.




We are approved installers of these advanced protective wall coatings and chemical injection damp-proof course. 

Choosing an approved specialist firm gives you these advantages:

Quality of workmanship: Unlike a general builder or decorator, specialist applicators are trained in these products to meet stringent quality standards.

Peace of mind: Professional application of secoTHERM, secoFLEX, and secoMUR wall treatments by an approved installer comes with a 10- or 20-year guarantee.

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