Injection Damp Proof Course



Stop rising damp – quickly and effectively. A secoMUR injection DPC installation on your property is the smart solution to dry out your home, allowing you to redecorate which will result in a much better living environment. It also will make your property easier to sell.

secoMUR damp proof course
secoMUR Injection Damp Proof Course

A summary of how secoMUR keeps properties dry and reduces energy consumption.

Benefits of secoMUR

Advanced technology

secoMUR is engineered with advanced nanotechnology. Its superior “MicroFORMULA” technology makes it a more effective solution than other treatments. in the market.

Proven performance

Treatment with secoMUR is proven to dramatically minimise water ingress. On porous building materials, water absorption will be reduced by more than 95%

The efficiency of SecoMUR has been tested to WTA and CSTC and was found to be an “excellent” treatment for rising damp that will last for many years.


secoMUR is more cost-effective and long-lasting than traditional and less advanced alternatives. That makes it more affordable and a great investment.

Quick and clean application

We are approved applicators so we will install SecoMUR quickly, efficiently, and cleanly to your property. Minimal disruption, fast relief from damp.


Improved environment

secoMUR enables properties to dry out naturally, allowing for redecoration.  Eliminating the rising damp creates a more pleasant and healthier environment in which to live.


Symptoms of Rising Damp


Wallpaper peeling away from the wall


Plaster and paint deterioration


Mortar and plaster falling away from affected areas


Salts and stains appearing on the walls


“Musty” smell

Untreated rising damp can cause respiratory illnesses for the homeowner or tenant. Failure to treat rising damp properly can result in a house that is unpleasant to live in or difficult to sell. Damp walls lose heat much more than dry ones, so your energy usage will be higher.

secoMUR DPC Injection damproof course, Oswestry

A secoMUR installation near Oswestry

Why Is secoMUR “The Ultimate” DPC?

secoMUR is engineered with an advanced nano-technology formula. That enables it to penetrate deep into your masonry and to create a “Cross-Link” effect in the interior of the wall. It is the ultimate damp proof course against rising damp.

The cross section of brick shown here has been drilled and injected with SecoMUR. You can see that the whole brick is now waterproofed to stop rising damp, This creates a horizontal barrier effective against rising damp. It will stop moisture migrating up your walls, and will last for many years.

secoMUR - illustration of brick showing damp proof course

secoMUR is clean and quick to install. It is highly effective, long-lasting, and is inexpensive compared to alternative solutions. Contact us for a free quote.


Coloured Waterproofing for Walls. SecoFLEX is a unique waterproof, coloured masonry coating. Covers cracks and blemishes. Elastomeric, so will NOT peel or flake.


Professional Masonry Paint. secoTHERM is a transparent coating that protects masonry, brick and stone from penetrating damp. It reduces heat loss by up to 30%


The ultimate injection damp proof course. A professional SecoMUR DPC installation will protect against rising damp and help to dry out your property.




We are approved installers of these advanced protective wall coatings and chemical injection damp-proof course. 

Choosing an approved specialist firm gives you these advantages:

Quality of workmanship: Unlike a general builder or decorator, specialist applicators are trained in these products to meet stringent quality standards.

Peace of mind: Professional application of secoTHERM, secoFLEX, and secoMUR wall treatments by an approved installer comes with a 10- or 20-year guarantee.

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