Coloured Waterproof Coating For Walls



SecoFLEX is an advanced coloured masonry coating. It will make your walls waterproof but breathable, cover blemishes and cracks, and protect against the effects of weather and atmospheric corrosion for at least 20 years.


The Professional Choice

SecoFLEX 400% Elastomeric

secoFLEX coloured masonry wall coatings have been used by the professional trade across Europe for many years to protect homes and commercial and industrial buildings.

Today, the unique formula remains the top choice of professionals, and with good reason!

secoFLEX has more benefits than any other masonry coating on the market and guarantees to deliver a professional, smooth finish that property owners can be proud of for many years!

secoFLEX Colour Options

secoFLEX is available in a range of 12 colours to suit most properties, residential and commercial.

Benefits of secoFLEX


secoFLEX is 100% waterproof, blocking the ingress of penetrating damp. This keeps your walls dry and minimises damage caused by the weather.


secoFLEX is 400% elastomeric . That means it is extremely flexible. As a result, it does not peel or flake. So, your walls remain protected and looking great for years to come.

Combats building defects

Because secoFLEX has high film thickness and 400% elasticity and is waterproof, it can cure or prevent many kinds of common building defect. These include: algae growth, blistering, spalling, cracking, efflorescence, and damage from airborne pollution.

Wide range of colours

secoFLEX is available in 12 standard colours.

Long lasting

Professionally applied by an approved installer, secoFLEX comes with a 20 year guarantee. Real life expectancy is even longer than that in most cases.

Protects against UV and salts

Unlike other exterior wall coatings, SecoFLEX has U.V and Alkali resistance which ensures that the application won’t discolour over time. The coating is also protected against sodium and damaging salts from the coast and main roads.


See How secoFLEX Transforms and Protects These Properties

Take a look at these videos of some of our recent secoFLEX installations.  They will give you an idea of the care and quality of our work and of the range of properties that can benefit from our coatings.

secoTHERM & secoFLEX treatment - Leicester

secoFLEX application to property without cavity walls, Leicester

secoFLEX wallcoating - house near Northwich

secoFLEX wallcoating being applied to a Northwich property

secoFLEX and Pegafix treatment to cottage in Hankelow near Crewe

secoFLEX wallcoating transforms a tired cottage near Crewe


Coloured Waterproofing for Walls. SecoFLEX is a unique waterproof, coloured masonry coating. Covers cracks and blemishes. Elastomeric, so will NOT peel or flake.


Professional Masonry Paint. secoTHERM is a transparent coating that protects masonry, brick and stone from penetrating damp. It reduces heat loss by up to 30%


The ultimate injection damp proof course. A professional SecoMUR DPC installation will protect against rising damp and help to dry out your property.




We are approved installers of these advanced protective wall coatings and chemical injection damp-proof course. 

Choosing an approved specialist firm gives you these advantages:

Quality of workmanship: Unlike a general builder or decorator, specialist applicators are trained in these products to meet stringent quality standards.

Peace of mind: Professional application of secoTHERM, secoFLEX, and secoMUR wall treatments by an approved installer comes with a 10- or 20-year guarantee.

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