Transparent Masonry Paint To Protect Your Walls


Save energy with secoTHERM. This advanced wallcoating from Europe protects masonry, brick and stone work from penetrating damp. That has the additional benefit of reducing heat loss through damp walls by up to 30%. So secoTHERM helps keep your property warm and dry.

secoTHERM masonry paint

Introduction to secoTHERM

An introduction to secoTHERM

A summary of how secoTHERM works to protect your walls

Benefits of secoTHERM


secoTHERM repels water to keep your walls dry, reduce heat loss, and minimise staining and damage caused by the weather.

Reduces heat loss

Wet walls make for cold buildings. Wet bricks convey heat 2.5 times faster than dry bricks, resulting in higher energy usage for heating – 35% or more of our heat is lost through our walls. secoTHERM repels water to keep your walls dry, reduce heat loss, and minimise staining and damage caused by the weather. 

Our unique transparent masonry paint, SecoTHERM guarantees to slow down this process for at least in excess of 20 years! A SecoTHERM installation creates a thermal barrier that does not let heat escape as readily, keeping your home warmer.

Improves your property's appearance

SecoTHERM enhances the appearance of your home as it creates a self-cleaning surface which protects against dirt, pollution, moss and algal growth.

Works with cavity walls

Do you have cavity insulation? Cavities in houses were not meant to be filled. They were there to keep the cold wall on the outside of the property. Now this has been filled and the cavity wall insulation has got wet, it has created a thermal bridge moving the cold wall to the inside of the home. This creates condensation that turns to mould and leads to a cold interior.

A secoTHERM installation will stop walls getting damp. Your walls will dry out naturally, restoring the performance value of the cavity wall insulation.

Works with solid walls

Traditional solutions for solid walls (i.e. where you have a single wall with no cavity) have been expensive, intrusive, and expensive. External insulation affects the outside appearance of your property. Internal insulation takes up space. Neither tackles the problem of damp particularly well.

secoTHERM is ideal for properties with solid walls. A secoTHERM installation is cost-effective, unobtrusive, long-lasting and helps with both damp and cold. 

Long lasting

Professionally applied by an approved installer, secoTHERM comes with a 20 year guarantee. Real life expectancy is even longer than that in most cases.


How secoTHERM Reduces Heat-loss

Take a look at the thermal imaging picture. The right-hand image is of the property without secoTHERM insulating wallcoating applied. The white spots and lighter yellow areas show how much heat is escaping from the property. 

Now look on the the left hand side of building. This has been treated with secoTHERM. The darker orange shows that the outside wall is colder. That is because less heat is escaping through the wall. Unlike other less-advanced masonry paints, a secoTHERM treatment is proven in tests to reduce heat loss.

secoTHERM works by forming a barrier that prevents water ingress (whilst still allowing water vapour to be breathed out of the building through your walls). Dry walls have lower thermal conductivity meaning that they lose less heat. Thermal conductivity tests carried out by the Danish Technological Institute showed thermal conductivity in SecoTHERM coated bricks was lowered by approx. 70-75% when tested according to DS/EN ISO 15148.

secoTHERM thermal image - heat loss through walls

See secoTHERM Being Applied To Protect These Properties

Take a look at these videos of some of our recent secoTHERM installations.  They will give you an idea of the care and quality of our work and of the range of properties that can benefit from our coatings.

secoTHERM & secoFLEX treatment - Leicester

secoTHERM application to property without cavity walls, Leicester

Watch how secoTHERM wallcoating can cut your energy bills and protect your walls

A secoTHERM installation in action

Powerwashing Walls Before secoTHERM Application

All-important powerwash before applying secoTHERM


Coloured Waterproofing for Walls. SecoFLEX is a unique waterproof, coloured masonry coating. Covers cracks and blemishes. Elastomeric, so will NOT peel or flake.


Professional Masonry Paint. secoTHERM is a transparent coating that protects masonry, brick and stone from penetrating damp. It reduces heat loss by up to 30%


The ultimate injection damp proof course. A professional SecoMUR DPC installation will protect against rising damp and help to dry out your property.




We are approved installers of these advanced protective wall coatings and chemical injection damp-proof course. 

Choosing an approved specialist firm gives you these advantages:

Quality of workmanship: Unlike a general builder or decorator, specialist applicators are trained in these products to meet stringent quality standards.

Peace of mind: Professional application of secoTHERM, secoFLEX, and secoMUR wall treatments by an approved installer comes with a 10- or 20-year guarantee.

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